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At Angie's Stuff our goal is to help the working families. We want to help everyone to be able to afford the name-brand cool clothes that everyone likes to wear. We want you to be able to get these clothes and the accessories needed at very affordable prices. We want to give you the opportunity to accomplish that without "breaking the checkbook". We understand that most working families live paycheck to paycheck, and it’s hard to buy all those extra things & still keep the bills paid too.

Angie's Stuff - Online Thrift Store

Not everyone has easy access to a local thrift store or thrift shop, or any second hand stores in their area. What if there was an online thrift store / resale shop? What if you could trust that all those items are clean and in good condition? That's exactly what Angie's Stuff is all about. Our prices are low, shipping is low, and our items are of quality, and in good condition. We want Angie's Stuff to be the resale shop you can trust, and enjoy browsing our new items which are added daily.

online thrift store
thrift store
thrift shop

When I was growing up, moma made sure that we had what we needed, but a lot of times, we didn't get all the extra things we wanted. You know, the things the "cool kids" had, that we all wanted. We just couldn't afford it. As an adult I Learned those things cost a lot more than I realized.

As I got older, I vowed that I wanted to help make a difference, and I have tried. For the better part of 20+ years, I have had a second-hand store on and off, but every time I thought I had that perfect Location, I ran into another problem ... I just couldn't get the right staff in there to work with the people. So as a result, I ended up closing the stores. I finally wised up and that’s where "Angie's Stuff" was developed.

Now, here we are, ready to put "Angie's Stuff" out there in hopes to help a lot of people. Whether you need that everyday wearing outfit, or something for a one-time occasion, we hope we can help you to find everything that you need. We take pride in the quality and cleanliness of our items. We wash every single piece of clothing before it is displayed for sale.

Yes, almost all that we sell will be used items, but I learned a long time ago, that no one knows where you get your clothes and stuff unless you tell them. It doesn't matter if you pay top dollar for it, or buy it at a yard sale. What matters is that it is clean, and it’s what you want.

free shipping online thrift store

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction at reasonable, affordable prices. If you don't see what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to send us a quick message, and tell me what you need. I will keep a waiting list of items needed, and as soon as I get those items I will be more than happy to contact you via email (if you will kindly give us your email address) and see if you are still interested. We do hope that you enjoy our site, and recommend "Angie's Stuff" to all of your friends. Have fun shopping!

Featured Products

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Boys button up shirt, size 6-9 months
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Boys Holiday shirt, size 6-9 months
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Boys Pants size 6 months
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Boys pants, size 6 months
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